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Slave monument at Rif Curaçao

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Slave monument at Rif Curaçao

Photographer: lex speelman
Date added: November 09, 2007
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Description: The slave monument at Rif commemorates the leaders of the slave rebellion of 1795. These brave men Tula, Karpata, Mercier and Wacao were sentenced to death and executed at this location for rebelling and paving way for our freedom.

Photo Comments:
Fiona, October 30, 2011 22:42
Hi! We are a textbook publisher in Taiwan, and we really like your photo! We wanted to put it in our textbook, and we are wondering if you could give us the permission of using it? We will pay for the authorization fee if you need! Please contact me if you are willing to give us the authorization! Best Wishes.
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