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Wind turbines at Playa Kanoa

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Wind turbines at Playa Kanoa

Photographer: lindomar virginie
Date added: February 20, 2008
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Description: Wind turbines (Windmills) at Playa Kanoa generating green electricity for thousands of households on Curaçao.

Photo Comments:
pepito-pg-41, October 16, 2010 07:27
bondia tur hende ,,,, doormiddel van deze side, mi kier agrega algu aserka dje foto aki , ku ta hasimi korda mi hubentut ku fiets den san pedro richting airport hato,huntu ku primu i amigu di bario. tabata momentu nan ku no ta bini bek den nos bida. pami persoonlijk , tur e foto nan tin algu di agrega ariba siiiimas kada ken op zich zelf als mens .danki di antemano, ku hopi amor, Pedro Gabriel , uit Dordrecht, 0634626665. kusje .
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Eto.O, June 24, 2009 21:37
Windmills at Playa Kanoa.
More,more,more more,windmills
in modern beautifull Curacao.
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